Birth Certificates

St. Mary's Community Hospital is required by the State of Nebraska to file birth certificate information within five business days after the birth of your baby. A birth registrar will come to your room after the birth of your baby to obtain the information required to submit to the State of Nebraska. You will be asked to read over the information on a worksheet to verify the information is correct, and you will be asked to sign that you have reviewed and verified the information. Please take time to read this worksheet very carefully. This is the information that will be submitted to the State of Nebraska to be entered on your baby's official birth certificate. After the information has been submitted to the State of Nebraska, if you find an error in the information or change your mind about the spelling of your baby's name, you will be charged a fee by the State of Nebraska to amend the birth certificate.

If your baby is born on a weekend or holiday and you are discharged prior to the next business day, we will contact you by telephone to arrange a time to complete the birth certificate information. Some of the information can be obtained during that telephone call, but you will still be required to sign the worksheet showing that you have reviewed the worksheet and verified the information. If you do not have a phone at your place of residence, please call our office the first business day after your dismissal to provide the birth certificate information.

If you have not provided us with the name for your baby and/or completed the remainder of the information on the worksheet within the required five business days, we will submit your baby's name as "Baby Boy" or "Baby Girl" (as appropriate) with the mother's last name (as listed during the admission for delivery) to the State of Nebraska. You will then be required to submit the appropriate paperwork and fee to the State of Nebraska to have your baby's birth certificate amended.

If you are having a hard time deciding on a name for your little one, please click here for some assistance.

Approximately one month after we send the certificate of live birth information to the State, you will be able to apply for a certified copy of the birth certificate. That certificate will contain the Nebraska state seal and will be required when registering your child for school and for any legal purpose. An application form will be given to you when the birth certificate information is obtained at St. Mary's Community Hospital. The application process can also be done electronically by going to the Nebraska Health and Human Services System website. Click here to apply on-line for the birth certificate. Additional information regarding Vital Records can be found by clicking here.