Your Patient Instructions

You may be required to fast for a period of time prior to this test. Please check with your doctor's office regarding specific instructions.

Please inform your doctor's office if you have any allergies to seafood, iodine, or if you have ever had a reaction to any contrast dye.

If you are diabetic and are currently taking any oral medication for this, please inform your doctor's office.

If you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, please notify your doctor.

For abdominal or pelvic CT scan, patients must drink oral contrast. Your doctor's office will supply this or they will instruct you to come to the hospital's Radiology

Department to pick it up. You must obtain the contrast at least one day prior to your scheduled test. The instructions will be included.

What you can expect

When you arrive for your CT scan, you will be asked to remove any clothing, jewelry or any objects that might interfere with the scan.

An IV line may be started in the hand or arm, and if oral contrast is required, you will be given the medication to drink.

You will be lying on a table, which will slide into a large circular opening in the scanning machine.

It is important that you remain very still during the scan. Motion does interfere with the quality of the images.

You may be asked to wait for a short time while the Radiologist examines the pictures to make sure the images are clear.

Length of the test is approximately 15-30 min.