Patient Instructions

Please notify your doctor if you are claustrophobic, if you have a pacemaker, if you have metal implants, aneurysm clips or surgical staples, if you are pregnant, have ever had a bullet wound or metal in your eyes.

What You Can Expect

Upon arrival you will need to remove all jewelry and metal objects (including hairpins, barrettes, hearing aids, eyeglasses and dental pieces.

If contrast is required, an intravenous (IV) line will be started in your hand or arm. You will lie on a table that will slide you into a tunnel.

You will be monitored at all times and will have access to a call light so you can let the staff know if there are any problems.

The MRI machine makes a loud noise, so you may be asked to wear headphones to block out the noise and allow the staff to communicate with you. It is important to remain very still, and you may be asked to hold your breath at times.

Length of this procedure is approximately 45 minutes.