Newborn Social Security Number Application

During the process of obtaining information for your baby's birth certificate, you will be asked whether you give permission to provide the information just obtained for the birth certificate to the Social Security Administration for the purpose of issuing a social security card for your baby. If you answer "yes", the information will be forwarded by the State of Nebraska to the Social Security Administration after they have registered and filed your baby's birth certificate, and you will be issued a social security card directly from the Social Security Administration within four to eight weeks after the birth of your baby.

If you do not receive the social security card within that timeframe, you can contact the Social Security Administration directly toll-free at 800-772-1213. If you do NOT want a social security number to be issued at this time, it will be your responsibility to obtain the number in the future -- remember, the federal government requires social security numbers for all dependent children when filing your taxes. Social security numbers are issued by the Social Security Administration at NO CHARGE whether you apply for a number to be issued at the time of birth or if you apply later. In the past, there have been companies that have contacted parents of newborns and charged a fee for completing the application process for them - if you agree to have one of these companies apply for you, remember you are paying for their service not for obtaining the social security number.